Orianna Naturals (also known as Tina's Soaps & Lotions)

Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale!! 25% off code required!! THANKS2017

We are so thankful and grateful we activated the code NOW... Yep right now through November 20th. 25% off your order.

** Bulk rate soaps not included

Free shipping on orders over $50! Flat rate $8.95 shipping on orders under $50 Orders are typically shipped Regional A or B (usps) and large orders shipped via UPS.

New Website & Branding coming soon in 2018!!

LOTIONS: Due to our wholesale volume for Soap, we are no longer making lotions. This was a painfully hard decision to let this go, but for the sanity of the team, and the exciting changes coming this was a necessary move.

BATHBOMBS: Bathbombs are currently out of stock, for the website. BB are undergoing a packaging and re-branding, and should launch when we debut the new website.